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FOBISS CM™ is the industry’s first complete and integrated
product for the delivery of cash management services.

FOBISS CM™ real-time Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) system for cash cost optimization provides a platform for all currency supply chain stakeholders, including process owners, Treasury, CIT, cashiers and tellers, to collaborate right from process designing to execution, monitoring and continuous improvement.

The new, customizable FOBISS CM platform with active, on-demand, predictive analytics and complex event processing capabilities facilitates smart decisions for dynamic process routing, allocation of the resources, and triggering of actions based on complex events.

Cash Supply Chain Optimization

FOBISS CM system of reports, dashboards and metrics is designed to drive decisions that optimize business performance real time. Efficient and optimal management of resources and processes allows to achieve significant savings and to deliver results from the first day:

  • Eliminate customer wait time
  • Reduce cash-outs by 80%
  • Reduce the number of cash-in-transit visits by 20%
  • Minimize potential risks
  • Save up to 40% cash related operating costs
  • Decrease non-earning assets by 40%
  • Accelerate business and profit growth

How FOBISS CM is different

Predictive analytics

For predicting the cash demand, the solution uses Intelligent Systems’ techniques such as neural networks, fuzzy systems, swarm intelligence, multi-agent systems, evolutionary computing and different combinations thereof.


FOBISS CM has an ability to learn and adapt itself to new situations, by generalizing, discovering and using analogies and making associations. This important feature of this intelligent system removes the necessity to manually amend algorithms for the calculation of the cash demand.


FOBISS CM supports all types and functions of cash points: vaults, branches, teller work places, ATMs, automated teller safes, manual safes. Can automate cash management on all types of ATMs – cash in, out, in/out and recyclers.


The system makes individual predictions for each cash point, independently analyzing and adopting algorithms to the specifics of that particular cash point.

Product Brochure

Artificial-intelligence-powered software saving up to 40% of cash handling
related costs to ATM, Bank Branch and Vault networks.

Intelligent Business Operations

This white paper explains the best practices in cash supply chain management and outlines the benefits of the intelligent business operations (IBO) working style.

Your Value Creation Process


Data Monitoring

Monitor cash usage on different levels at all any-type-of-cash-points in real time. Receive notifications when cash-on-hand reaches a predetermined amount, enabling you to replenish the ATM before running out of cash. The system includes wide range of customizable dashboards, charts for easy data analysis.

Retail, Branch, ATM Management

Accelerate and automate cash management of branches, teller work places and ATM’s. Manage full cash cycles – from planning to delivery with the simplest, most affordable and reliable monitoring, planning and optimization tools to leverage cost-efficient and high-quality services.

Cost and Constraint analysis

The system optimizes the cash amounts and the movements of cash based on key parameters and constraints: market interest rates, cash supply and logistics costs, insurance costs, physical constraints and any other user-defined constraints.

Currency Chest, MSP Management

Handle cash processing center tasks: cash processing, planning, cash projections based on requests. Optimize assets to ensure highest services profitability and cash services quality. System automatically calculates the cash residuals and denominations structure to ensure cash availability.

Demand Forecasting

Cash demand and supply forecasts are based on historic demand and real-time demand signals of individual cash points. Implemented forecasting techniques simulate human brain performance model. The system is able to generalize, adopt, discover patterns, self-learn. This feature makes FOBISS CM unique.

Logistics Management

Manage all daily tasks from CIT routes planning to delivery resources optimization. The system generates optimal routes and team schedules, based on limitations and business rules. The module supports static and dynamic routing, provides track and trace functionalities and route visualization.


The real-time decision making is based on simulation methods. It allows to evaluate various scenarios in a risk-free environment and to make the best or next best decision. As the result of optimization (based on current conditions) the system automatically provides the user with the most optimal recommendations.

Real-time Audit

Control and ensure procedure compliance to cash management rules. The module provides real time status information using gauges, historical, current and future analysis tools of different management constrains and performance analysis tools to make real time process audit, track KPI’s, SLA’s and profits.

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