Intelligent Operations for Retail

Deliver better services to the end users
at minimum costs

FOBISS RIO™ is a solution for planning and optimization of inventory, resources and retail supply chain operations. From self-service networks and convenience stores to large supermarkets.

Any size retail companies will benefit from efficient resource utilization and increased productivity. Our solution is the right tool for flexibility and supply chain visibility that your business needs in order to achieve a competitive advantage.


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staff planning


Profitability growth

Retail Supply Chain Optimization

Today retailers are facing numerous and complex challenges. Increasing customer expectations and the competitive environment drives companies for perfection. Optimal scenario must be employed in order to assure that the clients expectations and the goals of the company are met.

It is impossible to achieve the excellence, when the processes within supply chain are not aligned, resources are not optimally used and the planners lack the visibility and tools to make the right decisions.

Our goal is to provide retail companies with a single unified end-to-end retail supply chain solution, that can be easy integrated and simple to use. A solution, that would help our customers to make the right decisions and to promote profitable long-term growth.

Whether your business is a self-service retail network, a single convenience store or large supermarket chain, our solution is highly configurable to fit your current needs and scaled to meet your business growth.

FOBISS RIO™ makes it possible to:

  • Solve all the retail supply issues proactively, before they become problems.
  • Integrate and increase visibility and insight into your organizations overall performance.
  • Operate profitably in dynamic demand-driven retail industry by managing bottom-line costs related to transportation, inventory and labor.
  • Identify trends, new revenue opportunities, compare the effects of various inventory strategies with help of embedded artificial intelligence tools.

  • Manage the risks by controlling retail supply chain operations to ensure desired customer service levels.
  • Free up working capital to prioritize investment in areas that enable the biggest contribution to gross profits.
  • Identify demand changes early and enable your supply chain to respond faster to increase sales and reposition inventory to maximize true benefits.


Demand forecasting

Improve forecasting accuracy by using our proprietary forecasting and optimization algorithms. Align inventory with customer demand. Generate and track forecasts for multiple business needs – sales, marketing, finance and logistics.

Inventory Management

Monitor inventory levels in each retail location, warehouse or distribution center. Identify overstock conditions. Reduce excess inventory. Define and compare the effect of various stock inventory strategies.

Inventory Planning

Plan future purchase orders. Automated optimization functionality prepares most efficient replenishment plans based on constraints related to products, stores, vendors, transport, space, labor etc. Test various scenarios with embedded “what-if” analysis tool.

Transportation management

Optimize loads and employ the lowest cost, most efficient freight and transportation strategies. Track all transportation activities across distribution network. Receive instant notification of delays, changes or other events to avoid potential delivery problems.


Leverage simultaneous sourcing and multi-sourcing capabilities. Manage contracts, control suppliers SLA’s (accounts, capacities, portfolios, determination). Reduce costs by optimally sourcing and deploying supply chain network resources.

Shift Planning

Leverage Human Resources to do more business with less efforts. Optimally plan shifts depending on customer visit forecasts.

Order lifecycle management

Manage the order processes from supplier to customer. Identify orders that are not profitable or cannot be met based on current constraints.

Audit and Analysis

Measure and compare sales results of different retail locations. Receive statistics of services, inventory for  every service point. Track KPI’s, create easy customizable reports, perform performance and profitability audit. Monitor key metrics real time to react proactively.

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