Turning business insights
into intelligent actions

We combine analytics, decision management technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms into one customizable Intelligent Business Operations platform to empower operational excellence.

We call our IBO platform a “smart machine”. A set of cutting edge and classic technologies and tools are linked together to form an intelligent system. IBO’s mission – to help people make the right decisions at work. Decisions, that are changing the way businesses perform and deliver results to every one of us every day. The system could not function without a brain, so we created artificial

intelligence algorithms that activate the processes, keep them running and improving continuously. Our IBO platform can be deployed in any size company, in different variations, to be used by one or many decisions makers. Just like building Lego blocks, different implementation structures can be designed to help businesses perform at their best.


In the last years a significant progress has been achieved by solving complex business processes’ analysis, optimization and control problems through the using of various methods of artificial intelligence. These methods include data mining, artificial neural networks, fuzzy systems, multi-agent systems, evolutionary computing, swarm intelligence and virtual plant paradigm.  Application of these methods leads to so-called “intelligent systems”.

FOBISS developed a unique combination of most advanced artificial intellect models which are self-learning, able to generalize and adapt to new environments.

These techniques can be applied in solving everyday business challenges: demand forecasting, resources and routes optimization, discovering trends and patterns in data – not by humans, but by the computer itself.

Artificial intelligence (notably, neural networks) and machine learning approaches rely on computers and software to try a variety of models to fit the data and determine the optimal model. Traditional analytics rely on a human analyst to generate a hypothesis and test it with a model. In big data environments, machine learning is often necessary to create models for the vast and continuing amount of data. Human analysts using hypothesis-driven analytics alone just can’t keep up.

The artificial business intelligence engine performs like a giant human brain. It takes into account a very high quantity of business constraints. We use state-of-the-art-technologies in terms of Artificial Business Intelligence engines. This makes our systems extremely accurate and brings the greatest savings for their users compared to other similar solutions currently available on the market.

FOBISS IBO Platform with embedded artificial intelligence algorithms for forecasting and optimization can be adopted to a number of industries like FMCG, retail, fuel, insurance, energy, logistics, postal services and many others.

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