Cash point availability improves when operating costs go down dramatically, according to new white paper

Press Release

FOBISS, in cooperation with Intel, released their “Intelligent Business Operations” white paper. The report explains the best practices in cash supply chain management and outlines the benefits of the intelligent business operations (IBO) working style.

“Effective cash management requires the ability to aggregate and decide upon large volumes of data from different sources such as ATMs, bank branches or vaults, while organizations need fast computation and flexible access to this data in real-time” says Darius Dilijonas, CTO for FOBISS. “An entire department of bank analysts would hardly be able to process enormous amounts of data received in real time, evaluate it, compare to historical data and make optimal decisions on time. People are generally unable to do this. Besides, they are prone to error”.

Intel’s and FOBISS’ whitepaper provides valuable industry examples on how Intelligent Business Operations can impact the performance of the entire cash supply chain. The report also explains how the artificial intelligence-based analytics implemented in FOBISS’ IBO platform empowers real-time decision-making processes enabling efficient cash management.



FOBISS provides niche IT products in supply chain management for the retail banking, postal, retail industries. The founders of FOBISS are all renowned experienced industry specialists who have developed and implemented global IT solutions. In the current volatile market conditions, FOBISS addresses the increasing demand for real-time / near real-time data analysis solutions using the very latest artificial intelligence technology.

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