FOBISS reports outstanding benchmark results for its cash supply chain management solution, FOBISS CM

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Benchmarks using Intel® fasterLab proves FOBISS CM can handle huge volumes of data for high performance cash supply chain management

FOBISS provides high performance flexible cash supply planning and intelligent analysis tools to the Retail Banking sector. Effective cash management requires the ability to aggregate and decide upon large volumes of data from different sources – ATMs, bank branches, vaults, – while organisations need fast computation and flexible access to this data in real-time. Large numbers of cash storage devices, multiplied by provided currencies, decision spaces and hourly/daily solution demands, create huge computational workloads that can fortunately be managed by the parallel processors of modern servers. FOBISS worked closely with Intel engineers using their advanced Intel fasterLab environment to undertake a number of benchmarks of the FOBISS CM product to ensure it is able to scale-out to significant volumes and still provide fast and flexible results. Further collaboration with Intel fasterLab’s engineers resulted in improved crucial daily calculation performance of 6000 CPs*  per hour** per standard server***. Adding more standard server nodes to the calculation cluster and/or dedicating more hours for daily calculations allows FOBISS to meet the exacting demands of scale and timeliness present in today’s and tomorrow’s Banking enterprises.

FOBISS cash management solution is based on artificial intelligence algorithms performing the complex forecasting and optimization computations using real- / near real-time data from ATMs and bank branches. This results in timely, comprehensive decisions and insight recalculated hourly (high-volume branches), daily (ATMs) or weekly (long-range planning and tuning). Graphical presentations of information, customization of the user interface in accordance with functions performed, contingency notifications and decision-simulation tools give decision-makers full visibility into a situation, allowing them to respond rapidly and flexibly to real-time changes. Darius Dilijonas, CTO of FOBISS says, “We were very happy with the results of this benchmark although certainly not surprised by it. FOBISS CM delivers power and flexibility to the users in a truly unique solution. The days of limited, unintegrated solutions with only basic forecasting and optimization are surely a thing of the past and users in today’s volatile markets expect high performance and total flexibility and situation awareness to deal with day-to-day cash supply chain management.”

Built on Microsoft .NET platform running on Intel® Xeon® processor, FOBISS CM delivers the ultimate in data analysis and cash management with the scalability to manage tens of thousands cash points. Gordon Hughes, Global Sales Director, Financial Services Alliances of Intel Corporation said “this is a prime example of bringing together  high performance Intel® technology with leading edge software to deliver exceptional value to the cash management users. We were delighted to be able to work with FOBISS at the Intel fasterLab to demonstrate the use of Intel technology in this area.”

*One standard CP (Cash Point) represents an ATM holding 5 denominations of a single currency

**Daily calculations are performed at night and can take multiple hours for large CP counts

***Server with two Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2699 v2 (45M Cache, 2.30 GHz), 128GB of DDR3 memory @ 1800MHz, and Intel® Solid-State Drive Data Center P3700 Series



FOBISS provides niche IT products in supply chain management for the retail banking, postal, retail industries. The founders of FOBISS are all renowned experienced industry specialists who have developed and implemented global IT solutions. In the current volatile market conditions, FOBISS addresses the increasing demand for real-time / near real-time data analysis solutions using the very latest artificial intelligence technology.

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