Berenschot Groep and FOBISS join forces in Big Data and augmented knowledge



On the 6th of February the companies Berenschot Groep B.V. and Fobiss Holding B.V. signed the cooperation agreement in Kaunas, Lithuania. In the following months both organisations will work on further business development and market propositions for the Dutch and European market.

The objective of the cooperation between the Dutch management consultancy firm Berenschot and Fobiss Holding B.V. is to jointly develop an proposition for the Dutch market regarding Big Data and augmented knowledge for real time insights and predictive solutions. The proposition is unique due to the combination of fundamental mathematical models, artificial intelligence and the capacity to execute massive data analysis. This leads to real-time insights and predictive solutions. This cooperation will focus on: joint products, joint market penetration and joint projects.

Berenschot and Fobiss believe that together they have the right knowledge and complementary skillset to address the challenges of intelligent data analysis, prediction and optimisation for business excellence and provide their clients with right solutions. Fobiss has all the extensive in-depth knowledge to develop smart systems that help people make the right decisions and achieve enterprise agility through its Intelligent Business Operation (IBO) platform. By combining FOBISS’ scientific and technological expertise together with the market knowledge of Berenschot, the companies will deliver joint projects and products for clients in the Healthcare, Agriculture & Food, Banking, Energy & Water sectors.

Berenschot Groep B.V. has a strong reputation on the Dutch market as an independent management consultancy firm. Berenschot Groep B.V. operates on all levels of the private and public sectors in the Netherlands, Belgium, the Caribbean and Africa.

Fobiss Holding B.V. has in-depth knowledge of data analytics and predictive modelling. Fobiss Holding B.V. intelligent solutions are developed in a way that they can be deployed in any organisational environment, in different variations, by one or many decision makers. There are many challenges which can be resolved using our combined solutions. However, we have put emphasis on a few sector for which we believe it has the most impact when effectively using Big Data solutions. These sectors are private sector, public sector and PP organisations.


In the picture: Mr. Theo Camps, Chairman of Berenschot (on the left) and Mr. Pierre Hermans, Chairman of FOBISS (on the right)


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