FOBISS to Introduce its Intelligent Business Operations Platform for Retail and Wholesale at RBTE 2015


FOBISSatRBTEAt Retail Business technology Expo we will showcase FOBISS RIO™, an innovative intelligent business operations technology, which enables retailers to efficiently manage their entire supply chains.

FOBISS RIO™ software with embedded artificial intelligence algorithms performs complex demand planning and optimization tasks to provide the retail planners with extremely accurate automatically generated forecasts based on historical and near real time data.

Even more, the system suggests the users with the optimal decisions out of millions of possible combinations – something that standard analytical tools cannot do.

The analytic functionality of the technology is not limited to optimization. By providing insights into the market trends, intelligent data analysis can reveal new sources of economic value and growth.

FOBISS RIO™ can be applied to large supermarkets, convenience stores, self-service-networks, full service fuel stations, e-shops and other types of retailers that are dependent on complex logistics of large quantities of items or fresh products.

Come visit our booth #159 at RBTE 2015!

More about the product:

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